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  1.  about me 

    I am Latvian living in India from 2010. 

    Started to ride in February 2011.

    So far (June, 2018) I covered 100000+ km in India. 
    5–10+ day rides – 7
    3–4 day rides – 9
    2 day rides – 17
    1 day rides – 111

    Here is the map with my motorcycle rides in south India.

  2. I love to travel by motorcycle a lot. It is my dream to work as motorcyclist-photographer for National Geographic. Well, may be some day. But for now, I ride and click photos

  3. CRazy motorcycle trips in India

    CRazy motorcycle trips in India

    Remember – our strenght is between our legs!

  4. For tracing my route I use MotionX-GPS application. It is crap, but it is best I have. You can not trust this app, because it loses tracing after auto pause very often. It helps now update my map. Plus you can see very easy your route on computer and download kmz file for Google Earth and gpx file for other navigation gadgets.

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  6. We accept debit/credit cards and paytm.