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  1.  frequently asked questions 

    Dear adventurers, send me your questions and doubts, I will answer on this page. 

  2.  Ride Plan – How does it work What kind of schedule will be followed? 

    Flight from America or Europe takes approximately one day. You will arrive quite tired.
    So what follows is a very, very approximate schedule:
    Day 1 – Finalising route. Introduction to Bangalore. Rent a bike (or check out and rent the next day). BBQ at evening or Club or Pub.
    Day 2 – ride in Bangalore to understand Indian roads, style of driving, etc. Preparing for ride.
    Day 3 – start early morning.
    Day X – return to bangalore and return bikes to dealer.
    Day XX – rest, city tour, preparing for bye-bye. If flight is scheduled late, then we can have another BBQ or go out.

    We should be in touch and make a plan before you get here. Once you are here, we will adjust only some minor details and improvize.
    Every group, small or big will have individual plan.

  3.  How much does it cost? 

    I can not answer you right now because it depends on many factors. As I mentioned I haven't ready made packages. All motorcycle trips will be planned individually. And it will also depend on whether I accompany you, or you go alone, number of days etc.
    Usually we stay only over night in hotels or guest houses and in most of them food is not served. Prices of guesthouses are very different. You should count from 900 to 2000 rupees per night. Most guest houses and hotels charge per room, but here are some which charge per head. Mostly local resort type of accommodation. Food – 300 to 1000 Rupees per day (depends on your appetite and preferences).

    100 Rupees = 1.50 US dollars =  1.35 Euros

    1 USD = 66.72 Rupees

    1 EUR = 74 Rupees

    * 6th of November, 2016.

    You can use these calculators INR–USD and/or INR-EUR

    I recommend you to buy sleeping bag sheets, either at home, or here. If we will travel in some remote places through small towns, then you might have to "forget" about hygiene. In some guesthouses could be bed linen and sheets what you would not want to even touch. It is a problem all across India, even in "good" hotels sometimes you can find filthy sheets etc. 

    PS I will update prices/trips etc ASAP

  4.  Is it vaccination mandatory before trip to India? 

    Well, this is a good question. I don't know the correct answer. May be you heard the newest trend that vaccination is very bad in general. You should consult with your doctor. I have been here more than six years and have never been seriously sick. I heard of some people that have contracted dengue fever from mosquitoes, but have never heard about malaria and other things.

  5.  Country is quite squalor. What about diarrhoea? 

    Yes, It is partly true. It could be from "dirt" and it could be for different, very spicy food if you are not familiar with it. But honestly, I had much more often diarrhoea in Europe then here. Well, in my seven years may be 3-4 times. But you must take for a trip some diarrhoea emergency medicine for sure. Or you can buy it here. 

  6.  what about bikes? 

    You can check these bike rental pages and see what they offer and what are the prices:

    wickedride.com Harley Davidson, Triumph, Kawasaki, Ducati, Benelli, Royal Enfield, KTM, Mahindra

    royalbrothers.in Harley Davidson, Triumph, Benelli, KTM, Bajaj, Royal Enfield

    onnbikes.com KTM, Bajaj, Royal Enfield

    rentongo.com Harley Davidson, KTM, Triumph, Yamaha, Hyosung, Royal Enfield, Bajaj

    rentmybikebangalore.com Harley Davidson, KTM, Honda, Hyosung, Royal Enfield, Bajaj 

    rentnzip.in Royal Enfield, Bajaj, Honda Hero

    roadpanda.com Royal Enfield, Bajaj, Yamaha, Honda

    dryve.co.in Royal Enfield

    dvkbiking.com Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, Hero, TVS, Bajaj

  7.  Ohhh, prices are in Rupees! How much it is in USD (or EUR)?* 

    You can use these calculators INR–USD and/or INR-EUR

    100 Rupees = 1.50 US dollars =  1.35 Euros

    1 USD = 66.72 Rupees

    1 EUR = 74 Rupees

    * 6th of November, 2016.

  8.  what documents do I need to rent a bike? 

    Different companies have different rules. But for sure, prepare your valid international driver licence. Well, may be if you haven't an international licence, then local will be fine too. They might ask you for your passport and visa. Some companies take a refundable security deposit, some do not. In the rental price is usually included 250 km per day. It means that we should calculate the whole distance that we will cover. Example – we rent a bike for one week, so we can ride  250 x 7 = 1750 km. It is included in the price, but if we were to ride more, then they will charge extra money. I like wickedride because they have online chat option and you can ask any questions you have.

  9.  I can not take all gear I need, its takes too much space in my luggage. 

    Well, this is not a problem. You can buy or rent pretty much any gear you need, here in India.
    Gear that is made in India is of decent quality and generally cheaper.
    Here are some approximate prices:
    Helmets LS2, MT, KRATOS etc – from 45 USD / 30 EUR
    Jackets – from 90 USD / 78 EUR
    Denim biker jeans with armour – 67 USD / 60 EUR
    Riding pants with armour – from 100 USD / 90 EUR
    Gloves – good ones from 44 USD / 40 EUR
    Boots – from 78 USD / 70 EUR
    Saddle bags (dual) – 37 USD / 34 EUR
    Tank bag – from 33 USD / 30 EUR

    You can buy here also Dainese, AlpineStar etc things

  10.  can we camp in tents? 

    Camping in tents is possible in some places. But we can not camp everywhere just because it is not safe. There are many dangerous wild animals and they are very active at night. Also some roads which go through National Parks and Forests are closed at night.

  11.  I do not speak “Indian”. How will I survive if I will haven’t local companions? 

    Generally, most urban and all educated Indians speak English, enough for communication. In Goa some older people still speak Portuguese and in Pondicherry – French.
    But do not expect to find this in the rural areas and countryside.

    We fluently speak English, Kannada, Hindi, Latvian and Russian.