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  1.  Rides 

    1 day rides

    City Sight Tours 

    Full weekend 2-3 days rides

    Long rides 

  2.  1 day rides outside Bangalore 

    There are many interesting and scenic places around Bengaluru. You can check my map of places explored so far. It only shows the paths I have been traveling on motorcycle. We can improvise depending on what you would like to see - monuments mostly or nature.

    Examples of 1 day rides:

    Prices for pillion riders:

    100 km - Rs 1560
    150 km - Rs 1740
    200 km - Rs 1920
    250 km - Rs 2100
    300 km - Rs 2280
    350 km - Rs 2460
    400 km - Rs 2640

    An example how one day ride looks. This particular one was with some streches on dirt roads. Rides could be done on highways only, if you wish. 

  3.  city sight tours 

    I can show you and tell a stories about tourist and NON-tourist places in Bangalore. Routes are flexible, depending how much time you have and your interests.

    Prices for pillion riders:

    1 hour - Rs 1200
    2 hours - Rs 1700
    3 hours - Rs 2100
    4 hours - Rs 2500
    5 hours - Rs 2800
    6 hours - Rs 3100
    7 hours - Rs 3400
    8 hours - Rs 3700
    9 hours - Rs 4000
    10 hours - Rs 4300
    11 hours - Rs 4600
    12 hours - Rs 4900

    An example of Bengalury City sight Tour

  4.  full weekend rides 

    Regular weekend is two days long, but during some festivals it could be 3-4 days long.

    Weekend destinations:

    Coorg, Chickmagalury, Yercaurd, Yelagiri, Pondicherry, Chennai, Mangalore etc

    PRICE: By kilometers (see above) + driver's food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and accomodation (could be on sharing basis) expenses.

  5.  long rides 

    All motorcycle trips will be planned individually.

    Usually we stay only over night in hotels or guest houses and in most of them food is not served. Prices of guesthouses are very different. Most guest houses and hotels charge per room, but here are some which charge per person – mostly local resort type of accommodation.

    100 Rupees = 1.48 US dollars = 1.25 Euros

    1 USD = 67.53 Rupees

    1 EUR = 80 Rupees

    * 16th of May, 2018.

    I recommend you to buy sleeping bag sheets, either at home, or here in Bangalore. If we will travel in some remote places through small towns, then you might have to "forget" about hygiene. In such places, it is most advisable to carry your own sheets.

    An example of four day ride

  6.  planned rides 


    Approximately 1300 km - 5 days ride. It depends how much time you want to spend. Could be more.

    Here in Karnataka are five Tibetian settelments. Our route will cover all. As bonus we will visit Chickmagaluru and African-Indian village. Only here is one tricky thing - you/we must apply for 'Protected Area Permit (PAP)'. 

  7.  gear 

    Protective gear is mandatory for pillions and riders!

    I can provide helmet, jacket, gloves, knee and elbow guards.

    Rain coats and protective boots or shoes are not provided, so you must wear some serious foot wear.

    No flip-flops allowed during a ride on a motorcycle!

  8. We accept debit/credit cards and paytm.