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  1.  bike trip of costal roads of south India 

    Well I didn't plan to write here stories about some particular rides, but after I received this message on Facebook, I decided so share some experience.

    Tariq wrote: "Hi Guys, I am planning a bike trip of coastal roads of south India started from Bangalore > Kunnur > Allepy > Kanyakumari > Rameshwaram > Pondichery > Bangalore. Please can you guide me if someone has any previous experiance, can you please help me to prepare the detailed itenary with day wise also it would be great I you can share this on your page so I might get a fellow rider. Thanks a lot in advance!"

    We, me and my wife as pillion, didn't make exactly the same, but we covered most of it and also me and us together were in Pondiclerry few times. Yes, and we went opposite direction – Bengaluru > Rameshwaram > Kanyakumari > Allepy > Kunnur > Bengaluru, so I will write about this south India costal journey in clockwise direction. We went for this trip on December, 2014. 

  2. On 1st day we went from Bangalore to Madurai. We could with ease go to Rameshwaram, but we decided to spend some time in Madurai. Main place to visit is Meenakshi Temple, but there are few other Temples. Here is the map of our ride excluded some detours.

    When we travel solo, we never book any hotels, we always improvise and never ever used to sleep somewhere on road side because couldn't find hotel or guest house etc.

    Rameshwaram Temple is one of my favourite. There is one small section for Hindus only, but 90-95% ot Temple is open for everybody.

    We didn't ride to Danushkodi beach on the bike because I didn't like to put my brand new bike into sand and salt water. If you want, you can do it, but after that I recomend you to find mechanic in Rameshwaram, who will clean your bike and lube your chain. So, we left bike in parking lot and took local 4x4 mini bus.

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    Unfortunally I lost all film files from this trip. Only this much poor quality videos left taken on cell phone. I lost all film files from this trip. Only this much poor quality videos left taken on cell phone.

  3. You can find a lot of nice shells and take them for free just before Pamban bridge. Fishermen clean they fishing nets from it and trow it out, there is a piles of them. In Rameshwaram kids sell them for 10 rupees each. 

  4. One my biker friend warned me before trip that on this stretch is strong wind from the ocean and sometimes is very hard to ride. During our ride I didn't observe it. There always is wind near the ocean, but in our case there wasn't anything special. This road is quite scenic in many places and sometimes goes close to the beach and you can see ocean. Most interesting thing for me was salt queries. There is a lot of them. They have big "pools" like rice fields where they collect sea water and wait till water will vaporise.

  5. In Kanyakumari I recomend you to have fried fish and have orange juice. You can buy there fresh fish and locals will fry it for you on the spot. And approx. here is juice shop where we had best ever orange juice with no water and no sugar!

    Upsss... Sorry, I can not find those places on map anymore, but it was approx. in this area where is market. Juice place is in market in very beginning. Left side if you will go in from north side.

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  6. I am not very sure if i show correct location, but i think it was here. We had best fish thali ever. It was delicious! And we paid only 23 rupees (!!!) per portion. It was very tiny road side hotel. Very primitive, but food was excellent. Can you imagine thali for 23 rupees??!! Well, it was on December, 2014, it will cost more now for sure.

  7. Update! (November, 2017). In Tiruchendur check out Tiruchendur Subramanya Temple on the sea shore. We didn't know about it.

  8. This strech was the worst. It is one of Kerala's major highways. Quite busy, quite narrow. And there was very hard to find place to stop and pee. It is not usual thing – you go thru city, then some nice landscapes, villages, landscapes again etc. Almost all this strech is like one mega big town/village. House after house, all land around highway is highly developed. 

  9. On this ride we missed one must see place to visit. Misterious Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple (on the map). Info on Wikipedia.

  10. Varkala is like Goa. Almost the same. A lot of foreigners, a lot of guest houses, bars, restaurants, shops. On the beach women can wear bikini, not like on most part of Kerala. So, if you never has been in Goa, it is approx. the same. We used to stay several days in Arya Villa. Nice, clean place. Price the same as in all other places. One of owners, Katya (Катя)  is russian.

  11. I wrote two times and network failed. I will not do it 3rd time. You can read from image. Here is spot on the map where you can book hourly tours on canals.

  12. I used to stay few times at 'Tag und Nacht' guesthouse in Kochi. Great place!

  13. Check out The Kochi-Muziris Biennale website. It is an international exhibition of contemporary art held in Kochi. It is usually from December till March.

  14. Ferry in Fort Kochi is my worst experience with water crossing I had. We went from Fort Kochi to Vypin island. Locals were so rude and no respect to each other at all. They were like a herd that runs to the trough.

  15. We had the plan go till Mangalore, but we finished our costal journey at Kannur. We reached Kannur at dark. We tried to find nice guesthouse near the sea, but we failed. It was December 29th, all places were booked for New Year eve. Well we didn't try hard because was dark, so we just took some hotel near highway. It was empty because no one wants to celebrate New Year in so boring place and quit far from the beach. Next day we went back to Bangalore.

  16. If you plan to go also from Chennai to Rameshwaram, then I recommend this route. To visit Tanjavur, Trichi (Tiruchirappalli) and Srirangam is detour as you see on the map, but it is worth to visit. You can improvise your route. I has been in those places and on my next costal ride i will stay near the ocean.

  17. If you want to go from Bangalore to Pondicherry, then most interesting place on the way is Gingee Fort. Road from Krishnagiri till Gingee is good now. But it was horrible on 2011 when i went there 1st time solo alone. Map.

  18. Alternative route. Stretch from Krishnagiri to Vellore is very scenic. 4 lines highway goes thru hilly area. Map.

  19. If you have a lot of time and want to add some adventure you can make those two detours or one of them. Very scenic roads with hair-pin bends. Map.

  20. If you go from Bangalore to Rameshwaram thru Namakkal, then is worth to visit Namakkal Fort.

  21. Check out my map – part of India which I explored on motorcycle